[img src=]00Teaching at the Dallas/Fort Worth Writers Conference. 2007
[img src=]00Beside the graves of Major Ridge and his son, John. Near Grove, Oklahoma; 2000
[img src=]00With Texas Governor Rick Perry. He’s a fan of NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS.
[img src=]00Promoting mass market (Signet) release of NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS, with cold beer, beside the covergirl of JUGGS magazine. Beats the hell out of sitting next to Jane Smiley at the Texas Book Festival. Southern Periodicals Trade Show and Crawfish Boil; Rayne, Louisiana; 1999
[img src=]00With Tor/Forge Staff, WWA Convention, Rapid City, South Dakota.
[img src=]00With Martha at D/FW Writers Conference. 2007
[img src=]00Joaquin Jackson drifting out of Colorado Canyon; Rio Grande River (near Big Bend National Park. 2003
[img src=]00With my friend, Arkansas State Senator Steve Bryles, in the Senate chambers, where I was awarded with a resolution. Little Rock, 2003
[img src=]00Admiring the Spur Award Winners at the Helena WWA convention. 2003
[img src=]00Agent/Author Jim Hornfischer, me, literary agent Mary Alice Kier, Mike Blakely, literary agent Anna Cottle, and Joaquin Jackson. Austin, Texas 2001
[img src=]00Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith with a copy of OBLIVION’S ALTAR.
[img src=]00Release of OBLIVION’S ALTAR, Arboretum Barnes & Noble, Austin, Texas. Nov. 2002
[img src=]00With Joaquin Jackson, my hero Robert Utley, and my friend, Mike Cox. Texas Book Festival On the Road. LBJ Historical Center; Johnson City, Texas 2005
[img src=]00Presenting OBLIVION’S ALTAR; Austin, Texas; November 2002


[img src=]00My family; Blytheville, Arkansas; 1965
[img src=]00With my younger son, William Tate, on my birthday. Austin, 2002
[img src=]00My early, failed attempts at farming. Bytheville, Arkansas; 1960
[img src=]00My son Dean in the lead role of THE OUTSIDERS. Alpine, Texas; Spring 2007
[img src=]00David Marion Wilkinson; 2rd grade; Central Elementary; Blytheville, Arkansas; 1964
[img src=]00With my wife Martha and step-daughter Natalie at a Westlake High football game. Austin 2009
[img src=]00My father, Martin, as a young Navy gunner’s mate in WWII. He was 17 when this photo was taken. Saw combat that same year.
[img src=]00With Martha; Dallas, Texas; Christmas 2008
[img src=]00My mother, Johnnie, maybe 8 years old. Near Bluff City, Arkansas; 1937
[img src=]00My son, Dean, as “Atticus Finch” in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Dean was amazing in this production. They advanced to regionals in Abilene. Alpine High One-Act. 2006
[img src=]00My father, Martin, with all of his children. Circa 1961
[img src=]00My sons, Dean and Tate, Alpine Bucks Basketball; 2006
[img src=]00My grandparents, Adolph and Nora Wilkinson; Frenchport, Arkansas; Early 1950s
[img src=]00My son Tate in the Alpine High One-Act production. He played three different roles, and was awesome in each one. Alpine, Texas; 2009
[img src=]00My father, Martin. Circa 1928
[img src=]00My parents at their wedding. Carthage, Arkansas


[img src=]00With Sen. Steve Bryles. Blytheville, Arkansas; 2003
[img src=]00With writer/musician Mike Blakely and actor Todd Allen. Helena, Montana
[img src=]00With Cherokee writer, Robert J. Conley. Read many of his books before he became my friend. One of the smartest, most gracious, and fun writers I know.
[img src=]00With my friends, Jesse Sublett and Carol Dawson. Both of them extraordinarily talented writers.
[img src=]00With my talented and prolific friend, Johnny D. Boggs, now president of WWA.
[img src=]00With former Penguin/NAL Editor Dan Slater. Now at Amazon. A tremendous friend and advocate.
[img src=]00My favorite photograph of Larry McMurtry. Outside of Archer City, Texas
[img src=]00Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac.
[img src=]00My favorite image of Ernest Hemingway bird hunting in Idaho.


[img src=]00At the driller’s console. Loffland Brothers Rig #82; Ninian Central Platform; North Sea—British Sector; 1981
[img src=]00With actor Robert Duval at the Texas Rangers firearms qualifications. Duval qualified. I didn’t. Flying Bull Ranch, Real County, Texas. October 2009
[img src=]00Early attempts at theatre. With me, in authentic period costumes, are LeeAnn Rothrock and Max William Logan. Blythville, Arkansas; About 1963
[img src=]00Promo Shot. 2006
[img src=]00With my Indian crew somewhere in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. 1985
[img src=]00NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS on the shelf of the Governor’s Mansion. Austin, Texas.
[img src=]00At the Texas State Cemetary during the writing of NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS.
[img src=]00With (or just around) actor Ethan Hawke at the Texas Book Festival. He’s a fantastic typist.
[img src=]00I asked my publicist to send me to all the right bookstores. Right out of the chute he sent me to this one.
[img src=]00Hunting in McCulloch County, Texas; Fall 1995
[img src=]00Decator Island, San Juans; Washington; 1998
[img src=]00Mobbed by a kindergarten class. Austin, Texas 2000